About Me



Hey. I’m Tess, a writer, creative, and the kid that actually looked up the big words in the dictionary…that is, when I wasn’t mentally crafting my own Oscar-winning inner monologue or studying the pages of Vogue.

After graduating from New York University and dabbling in the fashion, editorial, and agency worlds of Manhattan, I decided to trade the suffocating L train for the equally suffocating 405 freeway of Los Angeles, California, my homeland. These days, I put my innate zeal for puns to valuable use as a copywriter at MXM, a digital creative agency under the Accenture Interactive umbrella.

When I’m not attempting alliteration, catch me planning my next outfit (baggy pants, guaranteed), perusing local menus, fiercely defending Drake in his latest beef, or rewatching The Office for the nth time.

Hit my [subject] line with questions, comments, and/or cute baby pics.